• Avoid high speed and shortcuts

    Higher speeds narrow down the driver’s visual image and eventually make it difficult to anticipate any hazards and may result in loss of control. Drive safely and judiciously. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles to avoid braking suddenly. Avoid shortcuts which may be congested and sometimes end up in taking longer time.

    Avoid Speed
  • Seat Belt

    Seat belts are lifesaving equipments and their use reduces the chance of injury and severity of injury in case of an accident. It is strongly recommended that all the car occupants should always wear seat belts, while the car is in motion.

  • Influence of Alcohol

    Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Alcohol and drugs will severely impair your control on the vehicle and increase the risk of injury to yourself and others.

    Influence of alcohol
  • Non-use of mobile phones

    Do not use mobile phones while driving a car. This could divert your attention from the road and result in an accident.

    Non use of mobile phones
  • Fatigue ‘Rest Revive Survive

    Do not attempt driving when you feel tired or sleepy. Long distance driving can tire you very much and fatigue can dull your reflexes and judgement. Take a break and get refreshed at intervals.

  • Advance Warning triangle

    There is an advanced warning triangle provided along with your vehicle. In case, there is a breakdown and the vehicle is parked at the side of road, then the triangle is to be kept as the instructions given below:

    Image Warning Triangle

    • Remove advance warning triangle from case and assemble
    • Place the triangle on the road behind the vehicle when it is stranded on the road. The triangle must be at least 50 meters behind the vehicle in the same lane of traffic
    • Increase the distance to 150 meters on the highway or if a bad turn / hill top obscures the view