Your car has been manufactured to give you economical and trouble free performance for years to come.

To have this continuous trouble free performance during your ownership period, it is necessary that your vehicle is regularly serviced as per the scheduled maintenance service chart given by Shyam Automotive, at our Shyam Automotive Service Authorised Workshop.


Some Do’s

  • Always start the car from halt, in the first gear
  • Switch off the AC and all other accessories while starting from rest
  • Have the engine properly tuned, particularly for anti-stall setting
  • Maintain the engine and fuel system properly
  • Maintain correct tyre pressure at all times
  • Press clutch pedal fully before shifting gears
  • For smooth starting of your vehicle without jerks, synchronise release of clutch pedal with pressing of accelerator pedal
  • Change gear at appropriate speed and do not lug the engine by shifting to higher gear too early at low speeds

Some Don’ts

  • Do not ride the clutch or drive with half clutch; instead use parking brake if required on gradient
  • Do not add detergent or any solvent to the wind shield washing water
  • Do not use high air pressure while cleaning the air cleaner element as it may puncture the filter
  • Do not remove bottle cap of the coolant hastily. The coolant may be under pressure, may spray out and cause injury
  • Do not exchange the fuel cap of a petrol vehicle with that of a diesel vehicle (Fuel caps on diesel vehicles are vented)
  • Never drive your vehicle when the engine is in a ‘switched off’ position and never remove the key from the engine when in a ‘switched on’ position
  • Do not force the wheel in lock position either to the extreme left or right, otherwise it will damage the power steering pump
  • Do not reverse battery connection; else it will damage some of the electrical components
  • Avoid wiping painted surface in dry condition as it may lead to scratches
  • Do not put excessive pressure on top of bonnet to avoid damage

Maintaining The Car When Not In Extended Use :

  • Park the car in covered, dry and if possible well-ventilated premises
  • Keep it engaged in a gear
  • Remove the cables from the battery terminals (first remove the cable from the negative terminal)
  • Make sure the handbrake is not engaged
  • Clean and protect the painted parts using protective wax
  • Clean and protect the shiny metal parts using commercially available special compounds
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on the rubber windscreen wiper and rear window wiper blades and lift them off the glass
  • Slightly open the windows
  • Cover the car with a cloth or perforated plastic sheet. Do not use sheets of imperforated plastic as they do not allow moisture on the car body to evaporate
  • Inflate the tyres to 0.5 bar above the normal specified pressure and check it at regular intervals
  • Check the battery charge every six weeks
  • Do not drain the engine cooling system

Here is a handy downloadable booklet for your information:

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