Tata Motors is known for delivering best quality products that give value for years to come. Our service products are also designed on the same philosophy. Under this promise, Tata Motors has following 4 offerings :

Value Care

Value Care
Value Care (AMC) is a maintenance plan that guarantees protection against unexpected repairs & provides substantial savings through protection against inflation and price volatility of consumables. It covers all services and repairs including labour, parts & consumables. The annual maintenance contract can be bought with EQI (Equated Quarterly Installments). Value Care ensures that your vehicle gets a long and smooth life through quality service at any of the Tata Motors Authorized Workshops. It also insures you against rising oil prices, price of other consumables and even labor costs. Thus, it accrues huge savings on the cost of maintenance over a period of time. Our customers can choose from Value Care Gold & Value care Silver as per their requirement and usage to ensure hassle-free, reliable and economical maintenance of their vehicles.


Rapid Repair

This is a ‘focused’ approach for carrying out small repairs in the body shop. There are times when you drive your car with many minor dents/scratches. When you get your car for servicing, you can use this facility and get these dents/scratches removed making your car look almost new. Few key benefits are highlighted below :

  1. Easy & Fast affordable repair solution
  2. Less hassles towards repair need
  3. Less time involvement. Car can be delivered on the same day
  4. Car can be maintained as a new car
  5. Intact No Claim Bonus from the Insurance company

Original Parts

TOP refers to ‘Tata Motors Original Parts’. We provide highly reliable and competitively priced spare parts at our dealerships. We provide warranty for spare parts for 6 months or 10,000 kms. whichever is ealier. In addition, we have also designed variety of repair kits for the customers, which can be easily customized according to their needs and requirements. These kits bring down the cost of parts and also provide convenience for repair. We have 200 different repair kits available for the customers. Tata Motors conducts checks at their authorized dealerships to ensure that the dealers are stocking TOPs through our field team.


Extended Warranty

Extend the benefits that you enjoy under warranty, by one or two more years, to protect your car for a longer duration/distance (Upto 1,50,000 kms). The extended warranty will cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns in your car, and it starts immediately after expiry of the original warranty. We strongly recommend the purchase of an Extended Warranty as early as possible.

Benefits :

    • Peace of mind – You can enjoy motoring without unexpected (and often unbudgeted financial expenditure). Well-trained, quality technicians, genuine spare parts and standard repair processes will help ensure that your vehicle is maintained in the best way at our Tata Motors Authorized Workshop
    • Increased resale value – With the balance of the warranty transferable when the vehicle is sold to a new private owner, this naturally will make the vehicle more saleable and should increase the resale value of your vehicle
    • Near cashless & speedy claim settlement – Once the claim has been accepted by the dealer workshop, customer need not pay for the part(s) replaced/ repaired as well as the labour charge(s). The documentation too, is simple and hassle-free
    • Anywhere, everywhere – The extended warranty policy is valid at all the Tata Motors authorized workshops. The vehicle is covered for breakdowns anywhere in India, at any of the 800 plus Tata Motors Authorized Workshops With a one point purchase and multi points service, you can truly enjoy peace of mind while travelling or shifting your home
    • Affordable premiums –The Extended Warranty protection is provided at a very competitive cost