Tata Motors promises to deliver customer service with unmatched reliability. The quality of repairs is a key deliverable for all Tata Motors dealers. In all, the workshop staff includes nearly 20,000 technicians, and another 20,000 white collar staff which includes supervisors and customer facing front office staff. To maintain service quality standards, the trainees are assessed, trained and certified by Tata Motors. Under this promise, Tata Motors has following 3 offerings:

Quality Service

Under this program, each vehicle is subjected to standard quality checks to identify repair requirements not noticed or reported by the customer, ensuring that complete health of the vehicle is assessed, attended to and customers are apprised. Final Inspection at the end of the repair process through a stringent quality control SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) ensures hassle free operations for the customer.


Assessment, Training And Certification

We hold regular assessment tests for identifying the training needs of our team across India and then design training programs to ensure that the best service is given to our customers. We have also developed online training courses and self-study modules to help our team learn on their own and respond with reliable solutions to the customer’s needs.


Diagnostic Expert

Diagnostic Expert cum Trainers (DET) are available across our dealerships. DETs are provided with extensive training by TATA Motors wherein they are equipped with diagnostics skills and exhaustive knowledge of all our products. DETs are capable of resolving both mechanical & electrical critical complaints in the best way and shortest time possible.